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Submission Deadline (Full papers) 17 Oct 2019

Registration Deadline 2 Nov 2019

Conference 19 Nov 2019


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 Conference poster

 Conference poster

Paper Submission

Paper submission guide

Respected researchers should submit their latest scientific and research studies appropriate for the conference to the secretariat of the conference in accordance with the following instructions:

Step One

1. First of all, through initial registration, an account (personal control panel) must be created.

2. Then, you should enter your page (user panel) and submit your paper after completing your profile details via the submit paper menu.

Note: The papers submitted by email will not be reviewed.

Step Two

  1. The language of papers can be both Persian and English (please complete all the fields when submitting your paper)
  2. The overall framework of papers should include six parts of abstract, introduction, purpose, method, conclusion and references.
  3. Papers should not exceed 7000 words.
  4. Subject of papers, authors’ names and their explanations should be submitted in English.
  5. Put the conference header on your paper in the header field.

Note: Please enter the author’s email for each coauthor along with the necessary description.

Step Three

The users system of the conference receives two types of files from the respected researchers:

Doc or Docx of full paper (abstract and text of the paper as full paper) that must include the conference header

PDF file of the paper, which is exactly the converted Doc file of the paper (It should be noted that your paper PDF will be used in all indexing)

For your information

The person submitting the paper would be considered the corresponding author (owner of panel).

Receiving tracking code confirms the success of submitting and registering your paper. This code will be sent to the user’s email address.

Submitting your file is possible only one time and after reviewing your paper, any changes in your sent file are impossible.

Respected researchers should consider that only papers with high scientific quality are selected to be lectured.

Those students and researches who need to receive the reviewing results of their papers sooner than the time of announcing reviewing results of paper, while submitting their papers as soon as possible, can send an email message containing their paper code through their user’s panel and apply for early reviewing to be considered. For these persons, the reviewing results would be announced up to 10 days after submitting their papers

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