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Submission Deadline (Full papers) 17 Oct 2019

Registration Deadline 2 Nov 2019

Conference 19 Nov 2019


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 Conference poster


1. Where is the venue of the conference, and does the secretariat work anything for those participators from cities other than Tehran?

Answer: The venue for the conference is the Center for International Conferences of Broadcasting Organization of Tehran and the address is mentioned in the venue section (Google map). Researchers who are from cities other than Tehran should attend the conference venue on the morning of the conference day. Certainly, all agencies will issue flight tickets to Tehran from any city.


2. Can I travel to Tehran with one or several companions?

Yes, but only those who have registered can attend the conference and companions can register in user’s panel as companion, otherwise they stay out of the conference hall and are not allowed to enter the hall.

3. My paper is orally accepted, but I cannot attend the conference on its day. What should I do?

Answer: If those persons whose papers are accepted in lecture form cannot participate in the conference, they can register as nonattendance.  

4. Is any certificate or document sent in the case of being accepted and not participating in the conference in person?

Answer: Yes, you must register in distance form and documents will be sent to you by mail after about 15 to 20 days.

5. What documents should we have on the conference day?

Answer: ID card (national ID card) along with a printout of the entry card that you received through the user panel .

6. What time will the conference begin and how long will it continue?

Answer: The timetable will be displayed on the website later in the news and announcement section, but it will certainly be around 9:00 AM until 16:00 PM.

1. Is it possible to submit our papers in Persian to the conference and then to the international journals, including the ISI or later we have to translate them into English?

You can submit your papers to be reviewed for the conference in both English and Persian and after the conference through the system of receiving papers, your paper are received and sent to the international journals. At that time, you have to translate your paper into English, but it is worth mentioning that the scientific degree of papers written in English is higher for the conference secretariat.

2. Do we have to pay another cost other than the cost of attending the conference after acceptances of our papers to be published in international journals such as the ISI journal?

Answer: Yes, it is possible for all individuals whose papers are accepted to be presented in the conference to publish their papers in the international journals such as the ISI so that costs of translating and publishing services are in addition to the cost of attending the conference.

3. With respect to reviewing our papers, how do we know that our papers are published in international journals of such as the ISI?

Answer: After the conference, papers are examined and the name of related journals will be sent to the participants in accordance with their field and subject.

4. Are all accepted papers published in international journals, including the ISI journal or only selected papers are published?

Answer: Yes, with the efforts made by the conference secretariat, all accepted papers in the conference can be published.

5. Is acceptance method (oral presentation, poster, published in the proceedings) effective in publishing papers in the international journals such as the ISI?

Answer: No, all accepted papers could be published in the international journals.

6. When the list of ISI journals is announced?

Answer: The list of ISI journals is announced 20 business days after the conference via email and SMS. It is worth noting that the price, the writing format, the time of publishing, and the estimated time of receipt of acceptance are announced when the list of journals is sent.

1. How many papers a person can submit and how many authors can write a paper?

Answer: No limitations exist for the number of authors, and it is possible to send six papers, but it is suggested not to have more than three authors for one paper, since papers with more than three authors have a lower scientific value. For one registration, one package is presented and number of papers is not effective in number of package.

2. Do we have to observe the writing format of papers?

Answer: Papers must have the conference header and the paper author or authors are responsible for this and the secretariat has no responsibility in this regard.

3. Is there a must-have English abstract in the paper?

No, it is not compulsory for a Latin abstract, but the title and names of authors should be written in English.

4. Is it possible for our papers to be reviewed sooner?

Answer: Those students and researches who need to receive the reviewing results of their papers sooner than the time of announcing reviewing results of paper, while submitting their papers as soon as possible, can send an email message containing their paper code through their user panel and apply for early reviewing to be considered. For these persons, the reviewing results would be announced up to 10 days after submitting their papers. To follow up this procedure, it should be noted that phone contact is not needed.

5. How can we submit our papers on the website?

Answer: On the home page, click on the “Register for the Conference” section and complete all the fields carefully.

6.Should I pay the registration fee when submitting the paper?

Answer: No, after submitting the paper, wait for the reviewing response (acceptance / refusal) and after submitting the results, if your paper is accepted and you would like to receive a conference certificate, you must pay the registration fee.

7. What is the cost of registering at the conference?

Answer: Visit the conference website and see the Registration Fee section.

8.Will all papers accepted at the conference be indexed in indexing databases?

Answer: Yes, all accepted papers are indexed in the mentioned database. Indexing takes between 11 and 12 months after the conference day.

9.What is the type of presentation of papers at the conference?

Answer: Papers are presented at the conference in three ways:

Oral papers

Poster papers

Papers published in proceedings

10.Are the conference papers indexed in Civilica?

Answer: Yes, all accepted papers are indexed in Civilica after almost 3 and 7 months after the conference.   

11.Is it possible to receive the certificate earlier than promised?

Answer: Yes, if your paper is accepted, you can receive your temporary certificate from the user panel after paying the registration fee.

12.Are papers indexed on scientific websites?

Answer: Yes, papers are indexed in several valid databases. To see the indexing details, see the news section

13.Is there a discount to university students?

Answer: All expenses are included on the conference website and students receive student discount by uploading their student card.

14.My paper is about ............, can I submit it to the conference?

Answer: Please refer to the section of the conference subjects. If the subject of the paper is included in the headings, you can submit your paper.

15.My paper is “scientific-review” or “scientific-promotional”. Can I submit my paper to the conference?

Answer: Accepting scientific-research papers is of priority, but you can submit your paper. The secretariat will also submit your paper to the reviewers’ board and you will be notified as soon as possible.

16.Can I send the paper to the conference email?

Answer: No, your paper must be uploaded to the system. The papers sent by email will not be considered in the reviewing process.

17.Is the text of certificate of those who participate in nonattendance the same as those participate in the conference in attendance?

Answer: No, only a certificate of presence will be issued for those participating in the conference in person in addition to this certificate.

18.How do I know the status of my paper?

Answer: After submitting the paper to your user panel, check the paper status section and find out the results of reviewing the paper. An email message suggesting change of the status of the paper is sent to you.

19.Should the file be accompanied by an abstract to submit the paper?

Answer: Yes, the paper and its abstract must be sent simultaneously and sent in one file.

20.I registered in the system, but I have not received an email and cannot login to my user panel?

Answer: Check your email. If you have not received an email from the system, try logging in to your panel if you fail, contact the secretariat.

21.Is it possible for governmental employees to submit paper?

Answer: Yes, the governmental employees also can submit their papers.

22.How is the registration of fellow author on the conference website?

Answer: Respected researchers, for the attendance registration for the co-author, first finalize a paper, and then go back to the final registration and register your co-author.

23.Can I attend the conference without submitting a paper?

Answer: Yes, you can attend the conference without submitting a paper

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